(Español) Sector aeronáutico


(Español) Sector agroalimentario

Food Industry

(Español) Sector siderúrgico

Steel Industry

(Español) Sector naval


(Español) Sector químico


(Español) Sector de defensa


(Español) Sector automoción


(Español) Sector de la construcción


(Español) Sector ferroviario



Food Industry

BOSADO has a wide range of hydraulic and industrial hoses, for transferring drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as for collecting milk, foods containing fat or solid food, with excellent resistance to mechanical forces and outdoor.

On the other hand, we have hoses for cleaning requirements dairies, slaughterhouses and food industries. We also have hoses to suction and discharge food, to fill and empty silos, or drive fish.

Grupo Pesado in accordance with European regulations, performs the machining of all parts involved in the production process of the food industry in 316L stainless steel, because to its low sulfur content.


BOSADO Group manufactures parts and components in the shipping sector with special steels such as duplex and super duplex. These materials resist special conditions of water temperature.

We also manufacture and supply, with a consolidated experience, PTFE hoses, they are of low permeability and can withstand temperatures from -60 to + 260 ° C.


BOSADO Group has a wide range of hydraulic and industrial hoses, for chemicals, with black UPE and conductive layer. Indicated for transporting acids, alkalis, salts, organic compounds including aromatic compounds (alcohols, esters, ketones, etc.), chlorinated hydrocarbons and oxidizing acids as chemical resistance tables. We have chemical hoses “premium” with Teflon inner tube, suitable for transporting virtually all chemicals.

In BOSADOalso manufacture and supply, with a wide and consolidated experience, flexible pipes PTFE and high chemical resistance to solvents.


BOSADO distributes suction and discharge hoses for hydraulic transport of abrasive materials such as gypsum, ash, dolomite, ores, feldspar, waste glass, industrial waste, coal, metal powder, etc.